Journey to Heaven

Bespoke Coffins and Caskets lovingly prepared for the journey from this world to another.

The loss of a loved one inevitably happens to us all at some time or another and the sadness that surrounds the funeral can be heart wrenching.

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In days gone by funerals were dark and austere events but times are changing and we are seeing more bespoke funerals appearing, with favourite and meaningful pieces of music, replacing traditional hymns and splashes of colour in the clothes that are worn, that were once black and somber.

The very first funeral I attended was quite daunting and the sight of a coffin in close proximity was scary, so I thought it would be a good idea if I could bring some sort of warmth to the coffin, hopefully allowing the whole experience to be more accepting to the younger members of the congregation.

The idea that relatives and loved ones can order a bespoke coffin (using eco friendly paint) can also I believe help with the grieving process.

There are a selection of eco friendly paints available with a vast collection of colours  and finishes that can be used, in fact if you have something in mind, then please ask, they can be personalized in a way that is sentiment to yourself.

As well as adult coffins, I can also paint and bespoke beautiful caskets for  babies  and children…  pictured here are just samples of what can be achieved.

I myself suffered a miscarriage over 30 years ago and feel that these lightly and lovingly prepared boxes are particularly appropriate for others who have either miscarried or had stillborn babies.

Pet ash caskets and coffins can also be painted up to order ( my very first order was a pet ash casket)…please see endorsement and images on Pet Casket Page.

Please see samples of my work on the relevant pages.

This is such a sensitive subject that I feel that it would be much more personal if we could communicate directly via email or telephone but if you would initially like to enquire about anything, please use the contact form opposite.

My contact details are as follows…please call me on 07814 167495 or email me at